Your best friend calls you and tells you he/she's really sick? How do you show you care? Hi<br/> ,Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is coming out next year, the people who created modern warfare 2 will not be making this one because their labor prices are too high so instead after the Black Ops people have had their break they will be continuing where the other people left off. Also i will be taking about the insane prices of games console these days a simple Xbox 360 Slim 4GB can cost from £149.99 (Curry&#39;s.co. UK) to £179.99 (M&S) i think this is a rip off because you can buy a perfectly good second hand one off eBay for £100.00 (250GB Console) in conclusion i think this is rediculous make the prices for one console the same as the competitors.<br/> <br/> As the PSN is still down some PS3 fans are wondering why they bought one and now some of them want a complete refund. and some of the united kingoms people&#39;s credit card details have become known to the hackers.<br/> <br/> Portal Two..<br/> Valve announced the PlayStation 3 version of Portal 2 at least year&#39;s E3, and promised Sony would be getting the best version of the game. Launching with Steam on the PlayStation 3, giving players a copy of the game on the PC and Mac when accounts are linked, and allowing cross-platform play is certainly a good way to get the attention of gamers.<br/> <br/> Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombie News<br/> <br/> This President’s Day weekend, that’s starting today for those of you that can’t read a calendar, two zombie modes are unlocking in Call of Duty: Black Ops for absolutely zero dollars.<br/> <br/> The first mode, “Dead Ops Arcade”, pits you and three teammates against a gauntlet “filled with traps, treasure and waves of flesh-hungry zombies” as you track down the wave 40 boss, a Cosmic Silverback gorilla. The second mode is “Five”, which allows you to take on the role of John F. Kennedy, Robert McNamara, Fidel Castro or Richard Nixon as you fend-off waves of zombies in the Pentagon.<br/> <br/> thanks for reading this please follow me beucse i need loads more thanks:)